Do you have questions regarding the purpose or meaning of life?  

Are doubts and disappointments taking up a lot of space in your mind and heart? Are you grieving?

Do you need someone to really listen to you?  In the quietness and safety of our home, you can talk about what is deep in your soul.  



"Elvin and Cindy have always been my models for loving God and loving people. They have an innovative and dynamic approach to life and ministry . . . where all the "layers" . . . are gently and courageously evaluated with humility, openness and good questions. They are serious about values and relationships and also have a great sense of humor . . . .This makes them amazing people to be and work with. "

Jānis Cukurs 


What people say:

We Provide:

· A safe and beautiful space

· Listening ears and compassionate hearts

· Support in times of grief and change

· Guidance for relationships

· Acceptance and openness to all questions

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